Book Review – The Resolution for Men

The Resolution for Men is an attempt to set a guide for Men to follow. Originally based by from the film Courageous (which I haven’t seen), written by multiple authors, including the film’s producers. This is a really good book for man searching for guidance on how to be a good husband, boyfriend, father, brother, son, and overall a good member in society, centralizing as Christ as the figure to follow and want to serve for. I came across this book while searching for books on Leadership. So, I wasn’t aware of its heavily Christian theme, which was a pleasant welcome to me. Since not only was this a good practical book to read, it also served as a good devotional read.

While certainly there were some topics that I somewhat disagreed on (like some of the content regarding child discipline to name just one of a few), for the most part the topics covered by this book are really well outlined. The book is divided into 15 chapters, where at the end theirs a short exercise plan/questions that we can implement to try to follow some of the guidelines outline in the chapter.

Taking the religious side of things off. This book does make some excellent points on what it means to be a man of responsibility and integrity, and having a strong leadership role in a family.