Book Review – La Corona de Aragón

La Corona de Aragón: Manipulación, mito e historia (The Crown of Aragon: Manipulation, myth and history). I’ve read a few books from José Luis Corral and watched quite a few of his lectures on YouTube, and I can confidently say that he is arguably one of the best modern historians on The Crown of Aragon. […]

Book Review – The Resolution for Men

The Resolution for Men is an attempt to set a guide for Men to follow. Originally based by from the film Courageous (which I haven’t seen), written by multiple authors, including the film’s producers. This is a really good book for man searching for guidance on how to be a good husband, boyfriend, father, brother, […]

Book Review – Speak With No Fear

I have a fascinating relationship with Public Speaking. While, I don’t consider myself to have some sort of phobia or even dread it. I’m perfectly fine on being able to do work related presentations, as well as be a talking focal point in a family gathering, to make some few examples. Yet, for some reason […]

Book Review – The 5 Love Languages Singles Edition

The 5 Love Languages Singles Edition by Gary Chapman is no doubt on par with The Silmarillion in terms of impactfulness on my life. Reading this book felt almost like living my entire life in an blink-in-the-eye. This book covers some many important topics, many whom unfortunately I’ve learned the hard way throughout my life. […]