Book Review – La Corona de Aragón

La Corona de Aragón: Manipulación, mito e historia (The Crown of Aragon: Manipulation, myth and history). I’ve read a few books from José Luis Corral and watched quite a few of his lectures on YouTube, and I can confidently say that he is arguably one of the best modern historians on The Crown of Aragon.

Unlike The Crown of Castile, in comparison to The Crown of Aragon I feel that my knowledge on the later is weaker. Hence, I decided to pickup this book and start learning more of its history. While, I’m not a complete beginner on the history The Crown of Aragon whatsoever (in fact I think my knowledge is fairly high to advanced!), I wanted to learn its history more in-depth.

This is an interesting book. The book itself, is relatively short given the long and complex history of The Crown of Aragon is. The goal of the author wasn’t to give a full detailed chronological history of the political entity known to history as The Crown of Aragon (over 600 years). But rather to give a general and factual understanding of its history. The factual reason on some of events that shaped it, and real outcomes of it. The author’s goal here is to informed the readers of the true history. This is extremely important since knowing the actual history gives the readers, how history in the modern era can be completely distorted from the facts and used as a propaganda outlet for political gain. Most notably the current Catalonian separatist movement in Spain, which is fueled by a falsified history of distorted facts.

This is a really good book, the only drawback is that it’s relatively short.