Antichrist Superstar 20 years later

Today is exactly 20 years since the release of what is on my opinion one of the greatest metal albums of all time. Antichrist Superstar is arguably the most influential piece of music of my life. I was in the fifth grade and 10-11 years old when I first saw the music video for The […]


With the new recent popularity of the garbage Movimiento Alterado genre, now Hip-Hop Narco-corridos coming into the mix. We’re hitting an all time low in Music.

Gangsta Polka

Gangster rappers look like little boy scouts with pocket knifes compared to narco-corrido artists. To think that half of a band was slaughtered simply because they sang narco music.

Weird taste in Music

According to iTunes the following are my top 10 most listened to artists: HIM Above & Beyond Mana Los Originales de San Juan OceanLab Beto Quintanilla El As De La Sierra New Found Glory La Ley Taylor Swift