Blocking Facebook and YouTube

Although I didn’t mentioned it as being one of my New Year’s Resolution. This year I’m opting to limit myself wasting time in social media sites, in particular YouTube and Facebook. It’s incredible how much time I waste in these social media sites, instead of using this precious time in something more productive and practical. […]

FuboTV Review

I’ve been using FuboTV’s streaming service for a couple of weeks, and I absolutely love it. Finally a paid live football streaming service that I’ve been wishing for the longest time. I’m really impressed of the service from this fairly unknown company. The price for FuboTV is perfect. The basic package of $9.99 will give […]

Ubuntu Phone

It’s hard to believe it was over five years ago when Google first announced Android and how exicited I was about it back then. (See Now, I really can’t say that about the recently announced Ubuntu phone made by Canonical. It’s really interesting to see how Canonical is attempting to deploy a unified user experience […]

Google Storage for Developers review, 5 months later

I was lucky enough to get a developer invitation from Google a couple of months ago to preview and beta test their Google Storage for Developers service. This was before Google offered their free 5GB trial to the general public. I was given a 1 year 100 GB free storage plan and I only had […]

Google Chrome is finally ready for prime time

At least for me that is. Now that I finally installed Chromium on my Ubuntu MSI Wind netbook, Chrome has become my primary web browser in all of my computers. Apart from being extremely fast, it’s not a memory hog like Firefox. After using it daily for a couple of months now, I only seem […]