Book Review – Hernán Cortés: Encuentro y conquista

Hernán Cortés: Encuentro y conquista is the third book that I’ve read from the Mexican author Juan Miguel Zunzunegui, and I must say this book has been my favorite thus far. For starters, this book has the best opening line of any book that I have ever read. ¿Quién nos enseñó a odiarnos a nosotros […]

Book Review – Imperiofobia y leyenda negra

Imperiofobia y leyenda negra: Roma, Rusia, Estados Unidos y el Imperio español is a tremendous eye-opening book. I originally read this book during the Covid lockdowns two years ago, and now having re-read it again, I must say it’s a must read book to understand current world politics, by understand our history. This book goes […]