“Duck and cover” turned into a class activity

When I was in school at least once per year we had to do “duck and cover” earthquake emergency drills. Now, to think kids in Mexico are using “duck and cover” to dodge bullets. It is absolutely amazing to see a kindergarten teacher preventing all children from panicking and turning this situation into a normal […]

America’s Favorite Lethal Lies about the Border

Mexico is undergoing a cartel war. The Mexican army under the Merida Initiative is fighting the drug organizations. The Mexican government wants to wipe out the drug industry. Protecting the border is a matter of national security. Violence is spelling across the border. 90% of the guns seized in Mexico originate from the United States.

Boycotting GoDaddy – Moving to different registrar

In an effort to stop giving my hard earn money to an endangered species animal killer like GoDaddy’s founder and CEO, Bob Parson, I’ve decided to move most of my domains to a different registrar. The only thing that attracted me to GoDaddy in the first place was because of their competive hosting and domain […]

Ubuntu 11.04 on my Acer TimelineX 1830T-1327

After yet another flawless Ubuntu upgrade, I ¬†am finally seeing why there is a big hype regarding Unity. Prior to this upgrade I was hesitant in upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04 because of the negative reviews Unity was getting from different podcasts, however after a full day after the upgrade and a few hours using Unity, […]