As we grow older, naturally things change. They’re plenty of things that I used to love and enjoy that now I don’t see them with quite the same perspective as I once did. With music for example, far behind are my days where I would only listen to metal (that’s not say that I don’t […]

FuboTV Review

I’ve been using FuboTV’s streaming service for a couple of weeks, and I absolutely love it. Finally a paid live football streaming service that I’ve been wishing for the longest time. I’m really impressed of the service from this fairly unknown company. The price for FuboTV is perfect. The basic package of $9.99 will give […]

Deadly Sin in Football

So Fox Soccer and TV Azteca have made one of the deadly sins in football. That is politics should NEVER ever, get involved in the game. Like with religion, politics should never be mixed with football, since it will only instigate violence. I was shocked to see that Fox soccer was using Donald Trump in […]

Bizarre New Mexican National Team Manager Announcement

For starters, I really hate international football. Though it’s really hard to avoid not getting sucked in each time during the World Cup every four years. Now, I’ve been watching football as far back as I can remember, and this is the fist time I’ve seen a manager announce himself as the new manager of […]

Uruguay, example everyone should follow

I’m very glad to see that this tiny South American country is in the  news for all the right reasons. Firstly, earlier this week Uruguay became  the first Latin American country to fully legalize the use and cultivation of cannabis. A policy that I hope more countries will follow. Secondly, starting with the football Club […]

Arsene Wenger must go

The last time I saw an atrocious Arsenal performance was on the 8 – 2 lost we had to Manchester United earlier in the season. Now, losing 4 – 0 to AC Milan was an equally if not worse. I’ve been an Arsenal supporter for over 12 years now and I’ve never seen such as […]

In Arsene, I trust no more

Even though it wasn’t as horrible as the 8 – 2 annihilation we had at Old Trafford earlier in the season, losing today 1 – 2 to Manchester United was even more enraging on my eyes. Like the previous Man U game we had, Arsenal did not had any true quality full-backs. Djourou is a […]