As we grow older, naturally things change. They’re plenty of things that I used to love and enjoy that now I don’t see them with quite the same perspective as I once did. With music for example, far behind are my days where I would only listen to metal (that’s not say that I don’t listen it it anymore, I do listen to to occasional thrash/death metal song here and there, but not at the same level or dedication as before). My music taste as a 37 year old is not the same as when I was 27, and certainly not the same as wen I was 17. Like many things in life, we evolve and move on.

Fútbol or soccer as some people prefer to call this sport, is one of those things for me that’s also changed. Like music, fútbol has been such a massive important thing in my life. It’s amazing to see how far I’ve come unto this point with the views about this awesome sport. The sport has been absolutely fundamental the way of shaping into who I am today. As I kid, I loved hearing the matches on the AM radio, walking home from school listening to soccer radio shows on my walkman. Memories that I will keep and cherish forever. Fútbol has been such a massive part of my life, that I even give it credit to helping my creativity as an adult. Since I would primary listen to the matches on the radio, I would picture that games in my mind, almost identical how I picture a story in my mind whenever I’m reading book. It’s safe to assume that soccer helped stimulate my imagination, way before a book ever did!

Now that the days of AM sports radio are practically long dead (at least the Spanish speaking ones). I feel that I no longer have the passion that I once had for this great sport. I watch little to practically no soccer anymore for these last 3-4 years. It’s quite amazing that if I were to look back 20 years, I would see a future where I prefer to read instead of watching or hearing a soccer game, I would’ve tell you that you’re crazy. Life is full of surprises and this is certainly one that I would’ve never expected. Things always happen for the better, even if we don’t know it at first.