New Laptop: Toshiba Satellite Radius 2-in-1 12.5

I impulsively bought a Toshiba Ultrabook a few weeks ago. I’m a huge fan of small portable laptop computers. I’ve been using a mid 2012 11 inch MacBook Air and a Dell XPS 13 (L321X) laptops for a couple of years now. Performance on my MacBook Air is fair, however on the XPS 13, the […]

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook – The Perfect Linux laptop

It feels like it was yesterday when I installed Red Hat 9 onto my Compaq Presario laptop, and the horror of XFree86 not being compatible with my laptop’s video card. Later discovering SuSE Linux and being able to use a beautiful user interface instead of that time, a terrifying command line interface. Then jumping onto […]

Ubuntu Phone

It’s hard to believe it was over five years ago when Google first announced Android and how exicited I was about it back then. (See Now, I really can’t say that about the recently announced Ubuntu phone made by Canonical. It’s really interesting to see how Canonical is attempting to deploy a unified user experience […]

Learning Solaris 11: first impressions

One of my new job responsibility is to administer a couple of Solaris 11 servers. Although I’ve used Solaris 10 in the past, unlike Linux and with FreeBSD to a certain point, my Solaris skills are not as strong as I would want them to be. After all, I’m a Linux sysadmin and not a […]

Running my own BIND DNS server. Part II

The configuration for a slave DNS server is practically the same, the only exception will be the individual zone type declarations  specified in /var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf are set to be  “slave“ types and the “masters”  zone option are set to be the master’s IP address.   Example individual zone file on the master looks like this: zone […]

Running my own BIND DNS server. Part I

I’ve been running my own in house BIND master/slave DNS server for a couple of months now, like any serious Linux systems administrator should do. Although the setup was kind of difficult initially, I have to say that running my own DNS server has made administrating all hosts in my network a lot easier. With […]

Server move – Blog is now called

It was long overdue, but I finally managed to successfully moved my blog off GoDaddy’s web hosting. Moving the WordPress site was somewhat tricky since when I initially moved the site to my primary Linux environment running on CentOS 5 virtual machine, I realized that my main Linux virtualized server didn’t meet the minimum PHP […]

Sad day in the UNIX word – R.I.P. Dennis Ritchie

Yesterday was a really sad day in the UNIX world and in the technology world in general. Dennis Ritche, the creator of the C programming language and co-creator of the UNIX operating system (fundamentally the best operating system in the world) sadly passed away. Comparing Dennis Ritche to the also recently deceased Steve Jobs is […]

Immediate things to do after installing FreeBSD

FreeBSD is quickly becoming my favorite server operating system. However, comming from the GNU/Linux world, there are certain things that Linux distributions and Mac OS X to a certain point provide that are not available on a default FreeBSD installation. The most notively are the default shell and text editors. The default shell for standard […]