Templar’s Reign Statue

Given that Sideshow’s new policy of their rewards points expiring, last year I found myself with about $80 worth of credit available to use before it completely expired. At first, I thought about using my available credit by purchasing an art print. However somehow within the Sideshow website, I happened to stumbled across The Templar’s […]

Reconquista Timeline and GitHub Pages

Website URL: https://alpha01.github.io/reconquista-timeline/ GitHub Repository: https://github.com/alpha01/reconquista-timeline I’m somewhat of a Hispanic history nerd, particularly the Reconquista Era. I’ve read about 20+ books on this subject, have three regular journal notebooks scattered with lots of different notes. I love book journaling, however this form of research and study does have it’s drawbacks. The main one, my […]

Book Review – First Templar Nation

First Templar Nation: How Eleven Knights Created a New Country and Refuge for the Grail by Freddy Silva is a fascinating book. I consider my knowledge of the history of The Kingdom of Portugal to be fairly strong. Including the first county of Portugal (which is not mentioned in this book). However, I learned a […]

Yet Another HR Friendly Document

I’ve been naming these posts as “Yet another friendly HR document”, but now that I think of it, these really should be called “Yet another manager friendly document” instead. But I digress. This time around, I successfully passed and obtained the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certification. The majority of the exam overlaps the Certified Kubernetes […]

I don’t watch any movies

People seem to get shocked whenever I tell them that I don’t watch any movies, this also includes regular (live acting) TV shows. Over the last 20 years, I’ve gone to a movie theatre no more than 5 times (at least that I remember), and I had some fairly good excuses to do so. All […]