Yet Another HR Friendly Document

I’ve been naming these posts as “Yet another friendly HR document”, but now that I think of it, these really should be called “Yet another manager friendly document” instead. But I digress.

This time around, I successfully passed and obtained the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certification. The majority of the exam overlaps the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD), however what makes this certification apart is that it is more administrator focused, hence it is a little more difficult to pass. If you plan on just taking this exam with only course training material for the CKAD, then you’re most certainly to NOT pass the CKA exam.

I found CKAD to be a relatively easy exam to pass. The CKA in contrast, while it wasn’t to difficult, so I thought until I saw my actual passing score (73). The exam does require a higher knowledge of Kubernetes. One thing I really like about these hands-on lab exams is that either you know the content or you don’t. Exam crams of memorizing things is practically irrelevant, compared to other normal question and answer certification exams. There aren’t any trick gotcha questions, all questions are straight forward. Thus said, I did had one exam question that I’m convinced there was a mistake on the actual question or there was a problem with the cluster where I had to complete the task in to get credit.