PlayStation 5

Two years later, I finally managed to purchase brand new PlayStation 5. As a casual gamer, I love immersing myself into video game worlds. These past few years most my gaming has been primarily been handheld on the Nintendo Switch. The only PS4 console gaming that I’ve done has been 100% focused only on GTA […]

Book Review – 1212 Las Navas

1212 Las Navas is a historical novel based on the events around The Battle of Las Navas of Tolosa. I read this book immediately after finishing Las Navas de Tolosa: 1212 la batalla que decidió la Reconquista. This meant, the historical facts were fresh in my mind while reading this book, which I felt this […]

New Uplift Standing Desk

When I think of the tech purchases that have drastically changed my life in a positive way, the Amazon Kindle, and the Apple AirPods immediately come to my mind. However my new Uplift sit stand desk has completely blown everything out of the water. I’ve been wanting a sit stand desk for years. So now […]

Book Review – Las Navas de Tolosa

Las Navas de Tolosa: 1212 la batalla que decidió la Reconquista (The Battle that decided the Reconquest) is the best book that anyone can read regarding the massive crusade that is known to history as The Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa. Although it seems small in scope, a book being solely about a single […]