R.I.P. Gallery Project, hello NextGen

I’ve been using Gallery Project for my photo galleries for quite some time now, so a few months ago when I heard they were going to stop active development, I was very sadden to hear the news. More importantly, security wise this obviously became a huge concern for me. This meant I had to start […]

What the hell is Tony doing?

That is a very good question. As if using services such as Google’s and Facebook wasn’t enough to be concerned, I’ve decided to give my privacy yet another slap on the face (and in the process permanently taking off my tin foil hat). This time around I wrote a small PHP script that aggregates all […]

Server move – Blog is now called www.rubyninja.org

It was long overdue, but I finally managed to successfully moved my blog off GoDaddy’s web hosting. Moving the WordPress site was somewhat tricky since when I initially moved the site to my primary Linux environment running on CentOS 5 virtual machine, I realized that my main Linux virtualized server didn’t meet the minimum PHP […]

Gallery – Flickr replacement

Flickr is awesome free photo sharing web service. The only caveat is that Flickr will only display the first 200 pictures on the basic accounts. Paying the $24.95 yearly fee to use the service was not a big deal for me, however I decided to look for free alternatives. Lo and behold, I found Gallery. […]