Gallery – Flickr replacement

Flickr is awesome free photo sharing web service. The only caveat is that Flickr will only display the first 200 pictures on the basic accounts. Paying the $24.95 yearly fee to use the service was not a big deal for me, however I decided to look for free alternatives. Lo and behold, I found Gallery. This PHP/MySQL based open source web gallery application is absolutely awesome. It took me less than a day to have my own picture web gallery thanks to Gallery. Since it’s open source, the application has tons of really useful modules like instant tweeter integration. Another feature that attracted me to Gallery was the fact that it had and Android client called Xotof, were I can easily upload pictures from my phone to my personal custom online gallery. Though I have to admit Xotof is far from perfect compared to Flickr’s mobile app, I can’t complain much since it’s an open source application. This means that eventually the current limitations will get fixed. Thus said, I you don’t want to pay for Flickr, and you already have a LAMP server, then I would definitely suggest giving Gallery a try.


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