Retro Gaming with RetroPie

Holyshit, RetroPie is one awesome Raspbian based distro. Regardless what people think of emulation, RetroPie is every retro gamers wet dream. I purchased Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and a Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad just for the sole purpose of installing and using RetroPie. The install process was dead simple, practically just a matter of […]

Death of Free Speech

  For starters, I’m a Millenial and also considered a minority (although in the state of California, the Latino population is technically the majority, but I digress). A survey was made by the ¬†Pew Research Center which found 40% of Millennials support government intervention on censoring offensive speech to minorities. After reading the article, the […]

Kodi on a Raspberry Pi and IPTV

Thanks to Kodi running on a Raspberry Pie, I’ve officially cancelled my service with Dish Network. I hardly watch any television, and the little TV I do watch, is either available within Kodi, or as a podcast for free. Internet television is the present and future. Quite frankly I don’t see why people continue to […]