Google Storage for Developers review, 5 months later

I was lucky enough to get a developer invitation from Google a couple of months ago to preview and beta test their Google Storage for Developers service. This was before Google offered their free 5GB trial to the general public. I was given a 1 year 100 GB free storage plan and I only had […]

Brutally Outspoken

Not only is he my favorite writer because of his dark, poetic, and genius writing, I also admire Charles Bowden’s politically incorrect views and opinions. In an interview with a Utah local news anchor, he states that he hopes everybody who voted to pass the Arizona SB 1070 law (70% of Arizona voters according to […]

Good Juarez documentary

They may be a terrorist propaganda media outlet on the Middle East, or at least their seen like it. I have to say Al Jazeera English has become one of my go to source to get the latest news on the drug war. Their recent Fault Lines documentary called “Impunity and Profits” does what no […]

NAFTA and Drug Prohibition’s ultimate effect

Charles Bowden’s has definitely opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective on NAFTA and it’s connection with the War on Drugs and how eventually these two failed policies ended up creating one huge clusterfuck in Mexico. (A lot of bullshit nailed in less than 9 minutes.)

What’s in my bookshelf?

As always I’m pretty late in writing my book reviews. This time it’s been well over 6 months since I finished reading the book “Beginning Ruby” (first edition) by Peter Cooper. I have to say is this by far the best Ruby book that I’ve read so far. (This is out of a 13 book […]