I needed a good laugh

“If you’re stupid enough to totally ignore reliability just to get benchmarks, I’d suggest you pipe your data to /dev/null, it will be very fast…”

Server move – Blog is now called www.rubyninja.org

It was long overdue, but I finally managed to successfully moved my blog off GoDaddy’s web hosting. Moving the WordPress site was somewhat tricky since when I initially moved the site to my primary Linux environment running on CentOS 5 virtual machine, I realized that my main Linux virtualized server didn’t meet the minimum PHP […]

Gallery – Flickr replacement

Flickr is awesome free photo sharing web service. The only caveat is that Flickr will only display the first 200 pictures on the basic accounts. Paying the $24.95 yearly fee to use the service was not a big deal for me, however I decided to look for free alternatives. Lo and behold, I found Gallery. […]

Installing MySQL GUI Tools in Ubuntu 10.10

Download Generic x86 tarball from http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/gui-tools/5.0.html mv mysql-gui-tools-5.0 /usr/local/ Create symlinks to PATH location: ln -s /usr/local/mysql-gui-tools-5.0/mysql-query-browser-bin /usr/local/bin/mysql-query-browser-bin ln -s /usr/local/mysql-gui-tools-5.0/mysql-query-browser /usr/local/bin/mysql-query-browser ln -s /usr/local/mysql-gui-tools-5.0/mysql-administrator /usr/local/bin/mysql-administrator ln -s /usr/local/mysql-gui-tools-5.0/mysql-administrator-bin /usr/local/bin/mysql-administrator-bin Create symlinks to /usr/local/share ln -s /usr/local/mysql-gui-tools-5.0/locale /usr/local/share/locale ln -s /usr/local/mysql-gui-tools-5.0/mysql-gui /usr/local/share/mysql-gui Almost done.. At this point mysql-administrator should be fully working. However with mysql-quer-browser, […]

Make MySQL client display the selected working database

Before knowing of this MySQL feature, whenever I was working on a database I always use the \s command to verify which database I was about to alter. Instead of using this command, MySQL client has a prompt global variable which lets you modify the display prompt when connecting to a MySQL server. Simply add […]