Immediate things to do after installing FreeBSD

FreeBSD is quickly becoming my favorite server operating system. However, comming from the GNU/Linux world, there are certain things that Linux distributions and Mac OS X to a certain point provide that are not available on a default FreeBSD installation. The most notively are the default shell and text editors. The default shell for standard […]

New TV

As if drinking plenty of alcohol is not enough to kill my brain cells, I’ve decided to buy a television. My main motivation on buying a television is to watch most of the English Premier League football games. I’m not an expert on current television specifications, but based on my research prior to buying the […]

Alex Jones on the Drug War

“The Mexican government is a narco-terrorist criminal state that abuses and dominates its own people..” – Alex Jones While I’m not a fan of Alex Jones, he finally said something completely true without sounding like a total wack job. In this case, he hits the nail in the head on all aspects of unmasking the […]