Reconquista Timeline and GitHub Pages

Website URL: GitHub Repository: I’m somewhat of a Hispanic history nerd, particularly the Reconquista Era. I’ve read about 20+ books on this subject, have three regular journal notebooks scattered with lots of different notes. I love book journaling, however this form of research and study does have it’s drawbacks. The main one, my […]

New Portfolio Site!

So I was laid off my job last month, this gave me a good reason to finally redo what was a fairly ugly looking portfolio site. This time around instead of creating the entire static site from scratch (after all CSS and JavaScript are not quite my forté) I opted to use a pre-existing open […]

Tony’s Shit –

So I decided to create a website that catalogs all of my books, music and video games. Additionally, I also opted to put in there any other interesting stuff that I own or collect. So lo and behold, was born.

Moving off Ruby on Rails

A couple of years ago I decided to build a simple portfolio site using RoR as a way to learn the framework more in depth. After all they’re lots of idiots who see the entire Ruby programming language as it only being solely for RoR development. Like this fucking idiot Python vs Ruby On RAILS, […]

R.I.P. Gallery Project, hello NextGen

I’ve been using Gallery Project for my photo galleries for quite some time now, so a few months ago when I heard they were going to stop active development, I was very sadden to hear the news. More importantly, security wise this obviously became a huge concern for me. This meant I had to start […]


So it’s Christmas Eve, instead of stuffing my self eating a crop load of tamales and drinking lots of coffee spiked with Tequila, I’ve decided to right down a timeline of the major events in my life so far. Using this really awesome simple JS/CSS web app called life that I stumbled on GitHub a […]

Re-enabling mod_ruby on

I finally managed to re-enable mod_ruby on my server once again. This time around, I had a hard time enabling eRuby to work in Apache. New Apache configuration file: AddType text/html .rhtml LoadModule ruby_module modules/ #<IfModule mod_ruby.c> RubyRequire apache/ruby-run RubyRequire apache/eruby-run <Files *.rb> Options +ExecCGI SetHandler ruby-object RubyHandler Apache::RubyRun.instance </Files> <Files *.rhtml> SetHandler ruby-object RubyHandler […]

mod_ruby and eRuby

I finally had some time to install mod_ruby and eRuby on my server. Prerequisites: httpd-devel ruby ruby-devel eruby yum install httpd-devel ruby ruby-devel eruby Installing mod_ruby was pretty confusing, as module default compilation is intended for Apache 1.3 (not why this is the case) If you’re running Apache 2.0 or higher, I managed to successfully […]