Book Review – In-Flight Portuguese: Learn Before You Land

Anyone who is completely new to Portuguese, this book and it’s companion CD is going to be a complete waste of time. This book is really short and it doesn’t go into detail whatsoever; it’s simply just phrases. Aimed for travelers, this book’s phrases teach (or translate really); phrases that a traveler might need to […]

Book Review – The Lost Road and Other Writings

The Lost Road and Other Writings is the fifth book in the History of Middle-Earth twelve set book series. In this book, we finally start reading the early manuscripts that will make up the stories regarding Númenor. The first title portion of this book, The Lost Road follows a very unique short story that connects […]

PlayStation 4 Hard Drive Upgrade

I was pleasantly surprise to see how incredibly easy it was to upgrade the hard drive on a PS4. I have an original PS4 model with 500GB storage, and for the longest time I’ve always found myself having to constantly delete games in order to install new ones. I’m not a PlayStation Now subscriber and […]

Book Review – The Shaping of Middle-Earth

The Shaping of Middle-Earth is a continuation of the development of early myths of made up The Silmarillion. This book is mainly just a combination of passages, that further develop Tolkien’s amazing mythology. The Shaping of Middle-Earth is divided into seven sections: 1. “Prose Fragments Following the Lost Tales” 1. “The Earliest ‘Silmarillion’” 2. “The […]

2018 New Year’s Resolutions

In no particular order: Lose the weight I gained in 2017. Eat more healthy. Write more. Replace my daily Castilian vocabulary with Portuguese. Obtain a professional tech certification (AWS, Docker, or RHCE). Not buy anymore video games. Delve into the world of photography. Start my day at 5:00 am.