PlayStation 4 Hard Drive Upgrade

I was pleasantly surprise to see how incredibly easy it was to upgrade the hard drive on a PS4. I have an original PS4 model with 500GB storage, and for the longest time I’ve always found myself having to constantly delete games in order to install new ones. I’m not a PlayStation Now subscriber and my digital library of games is fairly small, yet 500GB was not sufficient space for my gaming needs. With the ridiculously amount of disk space modern games take up, quite frankly unless you’re playing less than three games at any given time, just about everyone will run into this problem. Luckily not long ago Sony finally patched the PS4 to support external storage. While I do have an extra external 500GB USB drive laying around, it really bothered me that Sony didn’t placed the USB ports on the back side of the PS4. Usually, I really don’t care about aesthetics, but having the external drive connected in the front of the PS4 and be completely visible felt like eye sore. So I decided to upgrade the internal system drive. Upgrading the internal drive does not void your warranty and Sony has easy to follow instructions on how to perform a new installation of the PS4 software onto a new drive.

Given the positive reviews, I opted to upgrade to a 2TB Seagate FireCuda SSHD. The entire hard drive upgrade process including the software installation took me less than 10 minutes to complete! I didn’t restore the data of the old factory 500GB drive, instead I decided to start from a clean slate. 2TB should be sufficient space for my gaming needs, if anything I’m angered I didn’t did the upgrade earlier.

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