DNS Server update

I just realized that the D root DNS name server updated its IPV4 earlier this year, luckily the old is continuing to work until June, which is probably the reason why I didn’t noticed the change. So if you’re crazy enough like me to run your own DNS server for your home network (Windows DNS […]

Running my own BIND DNS server. Part III

On this third and final blog post regarding my new BIND DNS setup, I’ll be describing how I do the maintenance to my two local master and slave DNS servers. It’s nothing really ingenious. For the host OS and package updates, I use yum-cron to send me any update notifications, and to keep track of […]

Running my own BIND DNS server. Part II

The configuration for a slave DNS server is practically the same, the only exception will be the individual zone type declarations  specified in /var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf are set to be  “slave“ types and the “masters”  zone option are set to be the master’s IP address.   Example individual zone file on the master looks like this: zone […]

Running my own BIND DNS server. Part I

I’ve been running my own in house BIND master/slave DNS server for a couple of months now, like any serious Linux systems administrator should do. Although the setup was kind of difficult initially, I have to say that running my own DNS server has made administrating all hosts in my network a lot easier. With […]