Donald Trump is a cunt

So the 2016 presidential candidate race is literally turning into a circus. Personally, I can’t see why people see Donald Trump’s candidacy serious. After all the cunt, is practically just looking for publicity, and it was quite imminent when he took a piss on Mexico and all of Latin America. Surely, the mainstream media loves […]

Last Year In My 20s.

So it is the eve of my 29th birthday, and what has been a normal day, as I enjoy and will always enjoy being just like any other normal day. I’ve always utterly despised doing special activities on my birthday, ie cakes, gifts and all of that non-sense. Since in my point of view everyday […]

USA Patriot Act

Thanks in large part to Rand Paul and Edward Snowden, portions of George W. Bush’s unconstitutional mass surveillance anti-freedom legislation, has expired. Although a small win, it is an important victory to stop government from continuing to run the country as a surveillance state. June 1, 2015 is a fantastic day for freedom, and Rand […]