FuboTV Review

fubo-tvI’ve been using FuboTV’s streaming service for a couple of weeks, and I absolutely love it. Finally a paid live football streaming service that I’ve been wishing for the longest time. I’m really impressed of the service from this fairly unknown company. The price for FuboTV is perfect. The basic package of $9.99 will give access to most games (important ones) from La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Liga Portugal, Liga MX, MLS, and Brasileirao. I opted to also get an additional Spanish Add-On which gives access to additional channels from Mexico and South America. A mere total of $12.99 gives me access to almost all football I need. As as said during my Kodi Review, having streaming access to live and on-demand video is the future of television entertainment media. With FuboTV, having access channels like BeinSport and GolTV is absolutely amazing.

My Setup
Since Kodi is my primary media server, I was fairly disappointed to see their isn’t an official video add-on for FuboTV. So instead, I opted to buy a Chromecast. So via my Android phone, the Chromecast device feeds the signal to my TV. It simply cannot get any more easier.

The quality of the streams is fairly good. Certainly not perfect, their been some occasions where the stream either dropped completely (had to manually reconnect) or it only had audio but not video. Thus said, it’s multi-bitrate streaming is fairly good, the streams will switch to higher or lower bitrates without any buffering whatsoever. The only thing bad about FuboTV is that they don’t accept PayPal. Aside from Amazon, I avoid buying things online from vendors that don’t offer PayPal. In fact, this was reason why I didn’t jumped onto their streaming service right away. Also, the streaming service is only for people in the U.S., though anyone around the world can easily by-pass this restriction via a VPN, but I digress.

Now, the only thing I can hope for is to FuboTV to have the streaming rights for Fox Sports/Deportes and NBC Sports. With these additional networks we’ll have access to the Copa Libertatores, Champions League, Bundesliga, and the EPL.

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