Book Review – Speak With No Fear

I have a fascinating relationship with Public Speaking. While, I don’t consider myself to have some sort of phobia or even dread it. I’m perfectly fine on being able to do work related presentations, as well as be a talking focal point in a family gathering, to make some few examples. Yet, for some reason people seem to recommend to me that I should take Public Speaking courses. I’ve had a college counselor, a youth counselor, and two former bosses all suggest that I should take some sort of Public Speaking course! Me being me at the time, and not truly seeing it as necessity at the time, I didn’t bothered because I didn’t see I had problem. Now, given that I’ve embarked in a life changing endeavor, I’ve decided to finally look into improving my public speaking.

Speak With No Fear: Go from a nervous, nauseated, and sweaty speaker to an excited, energized, and passionate presenter, is designed to help you become a better public speaker. The author is a Public Speaker professional, and has set a formula on how to achieve great public speaking using 7 different strategies:

  1. Uncover & Clean the Wound
  2. Imagine the Worst
  3. You Be You
  4. Speak to One
  5. It’s Not About You
  6. Channel The Power
  7. Be in the moment

After reading this book, the seven strategies will look fairly straightforward (some somewhat of a common sense). The author includes numerous stories and analogies (some of which are somewhat funny). I wouldn’t really classify this book as a “do this and do that” type of manual, rather it is an outline to follow. It’s important to understand the concept of each strategy and how it applies to public speaking.

While you’re not going to become an expert public speaker after reading this book, I think it’s a good introduction on getting there.