A Beautiful Irony

They’re very few things that can captivate me emotionally. This fan made video is one of those few.

I’ve started reading The Silmarillion over the weekend, and the very first story in the book is called AinulindalĂ«. This story describes how the world in which Middle-earth resides in, was originally created. The beautiful irony of this video is that it outlines two things that I’m not exactly to fond upon. That is creationism and book to movie adaptations.

Creationism is a crock of shit, as I’ve always seen it (and will continue to see it unless theirs scientific evidence that says so otherwise) as being plain fantasy. Yet, Tolkien’s own creation of his secondary world described in AinulindalĂ« is so beautifully done. The second point regarding book to movie adaptations; I’ve never been a big fan of books (or comics) being adapted to movies. Mainly because for theatrical reasons, the movie is not always an 100% match to the book. The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit films are a perfect example of this. Yet, even tough some of the visuals in this fan made video are plain wrong, and it doesn’t describe everything in AinulindalĂ« (whence my dislike towards book to movie adaptations). It was still able to massively captivate me.

This video is absolutely beautiful, so much so that it made me cry. Literally, a tear rolled down my cheek when I originally saw it.

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