Book Review – A Fractured Land: Tales of the Northern Realms

This short hardback 96 page graphic novel came along as a companion to the original Witcher 3 Strategy Guide.

Unlike The World of the Witcher, for the most part this compendium primarily focuses on the current state of the world and characters during the time of the Witcher 3. You’ll read some of the backstory regarding most of the characters that you’ll be interacting throughout the game.

This book does has some minor spoilers. I’m somewhat undecided whether or not to recommend reading this book prior to playing the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for the very first time. A benefit of reading this book is that you’ll have an understanding of who’s who in the game, as well as knowing what’s going on (Northern War, Nilfgaard, Redania, Temeria, Ithlinne prophecy, law of surprise, etc.). On the other hand, the built-in “Glossary” that the game provides has a vast amount of character information. So much so, that a lot of the same text in the “Glossary” is included in this book!

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