Mechanical Keyboard

A few days ago I had to work from home, and this made me realize and appreciate how much I love my mechanical keyboard. At work I use a CM Storm Quick Fire Cherry MX Blue, while at home (desk only, since normally I’m just using a laptop) I use an old A1048 Apple Keyboard.
It wasn’t until now that I’ve realized that if I’m sitting in a desk for a long period of time, I can’t use any other keyboard other than my mechanical keyboard. It’s amazing that I’ve been a mechanical keyboard user for only for just three years and not all my adult working life thus far! What kept me from using a mechanical keyboard, and I think most people also (other than  PC gamers, of course) is the cost of a mechanical keyboards. Yet, in April 2015 I finally had had enough, using the awful A1314 Apple Keyboard and decided to finally buy a mechanical keyboard. Almost three years later, I haven’t looked back. The $120 that I originally paid for my mechanical keyboard has been totally worth it.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a mechanical keyboard, I’d recommend visiting your local electronic/computer store and see if they have sample display mechanical keyboards with the different types of keys that you can test and try out. I’m fortunate to live really close to a Micro Center Computer & Electronics store, where I was able to try out the key switches. From which of the different switches I found the Cherry MX Blue key types to feel the best for me. They’re really loud, but I absolutely love them!

I can’t think of any drawback other than the fact that it’s a wired keyboard (like mostly all mechanical keyboards). This is not a problem for me since at work I have plenty of space and having to manually plug and unplugged the keyboard to MacBook Pro is not a big deal to me.

Using a mechanical keyboard is such an enjoyable experience, I honestly can’t use anything else for my daily keyboard typing needs.


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