Book Review – The Time of Contempt

Time of Contempt The second novel of the epic Witcher saga, this book if fucking awesome. Browsing through the Witcher subreddit and forums (avoiding spoilers obviously), a lot of people tend to rate The Time of Comtempt as their least favorite book. In part, I can see why many people would have a hard time liking this book.  The Time of Comtempt covers a really important event which sparks the second war between Northern Kingdoms vs Empire of Nilfgaard. The politics in the Witcher universe is absolutely amazing. There’s a lot to take in while reading this book, and it maybe a bit overwhelming a times. Like every war, they’re alliances and betrayals among both sides.

Many people compare The Witcher to the Game of Thrones, and the reason people (Witcher subreddit and forums) prefer The Witcher; is because how the political intrigue and plots in the Witcher universe are apparently much more astonishing than in the Game of Thrones.

On this book, you’ll continue to learn more about the vital role Ciri has in the war. Character development is also a huge part of this book, you’ll start learning more about certain characters that were described or mentioned on previous books, but not necessarily fully explained. Even I was surprised to learned new things about Ciri’s mythical Elder Blood ancestry and other aspects about her. By the time this book ends, she’s fleeing for her life, and beautifully gateways onto the next book in the Witcher saga, Baptism of Fire.

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