Ruby cli_mailer

After much nights of Ruby programming and many revisions, I finally manage to have an beta release of Ruby cli_mailer.

I originally planned on writing a full mail (Unix command line email client) like program in Ruby. Though I was able to have an almost identical console interface to mail’s reading, viewing, and deleting emails, using POP. I was having a really hard time, keeping the connection alive after a certain number of seconds after initiating the connection.

So instead of having the incoming POP email client like usage that mail provides, I instead wrote the application to only support the mail sending features almost similar to mailx.

I would think developers or anyone wanting to send email from a Linux/Unix server without the hassle of sendmail, postfix, exim, etc… may find this simple program useful. I know I do, since I always find myself wanting to easily send emails from the command line whenever I’m using or doing some sort of testing on a Virtual Machine.

If you’ve ever used mail on a Linux/Unix system to send email messages, Ruby cli_mailer is practically identical.

Basic Usage:
Will get prompt to write email message that gets sends to [email protected] and blinds copy [email protected]

rcli_mailer.rb -s 'Title of message' -c [email protected] [email protected]

Will email the contents of to [email protected]

cat /etc/mail/ | rcli_mailer.rb -s 'God help me' [email protected]

rcli_mailer.rb -s "I'm so sorry" -c jrs[email protected] [email protected] < /etc/postfix/

NOTE: Ctrl-D is NOT supported by Ruby cli_mailer at the moment, you'll need to use the '.' (dot) character
to send the email message.

I tried to make Ruby cli_mailer as moduler as possible, since I'm planning adding the project to github, and I already have in mind more features to add into it.

Enjoy :-)


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