Being my first Linux conference, overall I had a really good time. Seeing and talking to a lot of famous Open Source figures was pretty kool.

I only managed to see four different talks.
My favorite talk was Jono Bacon’s talk on the evolution of the Free Software/Open Source movement to what now will be fun and rapid development using a new development approach. Essentially, Cononical has developed a Python software development framework called Quickly (reminds me of Ruby on Rails, though I haven’t hacked much on it to even compare its similarities) That makes it real easy to package (.deb only) and publish.

BSD for Linux users:
This talk was mainly focused on the difference and advantages of using the BSD’ s (NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD) compared to Linux. Now more then I ever, I’m thinking of delaying a DNS BIND server on my local network running on OpenBSD.

Basic Introduction to KDE:
As the name implies, it was definitely, an introduction to KDE 4. Although I prefer using Gnome, the

Python for non programmers:
Also, as the name implies, this was a definite introduction to Python. Although I’m not big on Python, I definitely felt like an advance Python hacker by being on this talk.

Even though I only attended the Saturday event, I really enjoyed SCALE. It definitely felt like a community conference and it didn’t felt corporate what so ever.

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