I’m Linux Certified!!!

After 5 months of studying, I finally took the CompTIA Linux+ certification exam today. My study consisted of reading two books (Sybex CompTIA Linux+ and Linux+ 2005 in Depth), on-line tutorials, and a web based program called “TestOut Linux+ LabSim” that my school provides.

The exam is by and far the most difficult CompTIA certification exam that I’ve taken. Given that I scored 675 and the minimum passing score is 675! I probably would had gotten a better score if I’d studied sed, awk, and iptables more in depth. If I had taken this exam six months ago I would have failed it miserably. Now that I’m CompTIA Linux+ certfied professional, I’ll be putting the LPIC Level 1 on hold until I know I’m fully prepared for those set of exams.


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