How the Cartels Work: Guy Lawson on Mexican Drug Lords

“The idea that the Latino drug dealer is some Tony Montana like person, it’s not only wrong; it’s dangerously wrong…” -Guy Lawson On the Part II of Rolling Stone’s coverage on the Drug War, Guy Lawson gives a really good over view on how the cartels operate in America. Unlike other US journalists who pretty […]

The War Next Door

“America needs to confront its own hypocrisy in this regard; the consequences are not just felt inside your lives, but are felt inside the lives of perfectly innocent people who are just trying to live a decent existence..” -Guy Lawson Outdated, yet very interesting video on the drug war by Rolling Stone.

Extreme World – Mexico

“The inhuman cruelty and violence that I’ve witness in the streets here, will stay with me for the rest of my life…” -Ross Kemp Yet another really good documentary on the drug war. This time, on an episode of Extreme World, Ross Kemp looks into the violence in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico.

Alex Jones on the Drug War

“The Mexican government is a narco-terrorist criminal state that abuses and dominates its own people..” – Alex Jones While I’m not a fan of Alex Jones, he finally said something completely true without sounding like a total wack job. In this case, he hits the nail in the head on all aspects of unmasking the […]

Good Juarez documentary

They may be a terrorist propaganda media outlet on the Middle East, or at least their seen like it. I have to say Al Jazeera English has become one of my go to source to get the latest news on the drug war. Their recent Fault Lines documentary called “Impunity and Profits” does what no […]

NAFTA and Drug Prohibition’s ultimate effect

Charles Bowden’s has definitely opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective on NAFTA and it’s connection with the War on Drugs and how eventually these two failed policies ended up creating one huge clusterfuck in Mexico. (A lot of bullshit nailed in less than 9 minutes.)

“Duck and cover” turned into a class activity

When I was in school at least once per year we had to do “duck and cover” earthquake emergency drills. Now, to think kids in Mexico are using “duck and cover” to dodge bullets. It is absolutely amazing to see a kindergarten teacher preventing all children from panicking and turning this situation into a normal […]