Yennefer Sideshow Premium Format Statue

Yennefer Sideshow Premium Format

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Yennefer Sideshow Premium Format

Yennefer is the first statue I’ve purchased from the Sideshow Premium Format Witcher line. I already own the original Yennefer, and DLC Alternate outfit Yennefer Prime 1 Studio Statues, so this is my third statue of this particular character, however it is the first one created by Sideshow Collectibles.

Theirs a staggering difference between both statue companies when it comes to their respective statue lines. First, Prime 1 Studio is known to oversize their 1/4 scale statues. This is not the exception, the Sideshow Yennefer is significant smaller than both of my Jennifer Prime 1 Studio studios. While the Sideshow statue is not tiny by any means, for the those picky collectors that prefer exact sizing across different statue lines, displaying the Sideshow Yennefer statue along other Prime 1 Studios Witcher statues won’t scale perfectly.

One thing that Sideshow has to be given massive credit is that they haven’t significantly raised their prices. Just about all of their Premium Format statues are in the $400-700 range. In contrast, now it seems take every Prime 1 Studio Museum Masterline statue starts at least $1,000!

To me, this statue tells a better story than any of the P1 Yennefers’. While the P1, are simple museum type poses, this statue Yennefer appears to be flowing in the air, and casting a magic spell. I love the translucent resin sculpt on both arms. On the other hand (no pun intended), the level of detail is not the same as P1. P1 completely blasts Sideshow out of the water, the head sculpt on the this statue, while it’s nice. It’s simply not as detailed or beautiful as P1. Though it’s not important to me, but it’s worth mentioning, this statue does not have a bonus or exclusive version. Everyone gets the same statue.

Overall, I’m quite happy with this statue. I wasn’t expecting it to be P1 quality like, but was not discouraged of this, as I find this statue to be very well done. It’s safe to assume that I’ll be buying the Eredin and Geralt Sideshow Premium Format statues next.