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Laptop Stand

When I think of the tech purchases that have drastically changed my life in a positive way, the Amazon Kindle, and the Apple AirPods immediately come to my mind. However my new Uplift sit stand desk has completely blown everything out of the water.

I’ve been wanting a sit stand desk for years. So now that I work remote fulltime, it was a “no brainer” for me to invest in a proper quality desk, instead of a cheap IKEA desk, I’ve been using these last two years. As far as sit stand desk brands is concerned, it seemed that Uplift Desk was the brand that appeared with the most praise, so I opted to go with them. I think the main reason why people seem to love Uplift Desk is because of their high level of customizable options. It’s absolutely awesome! For my desk configuration I chose the following:

With the following extras:

Aside from the wealth of customizable options, the quality of the desk and its parts is extremely high quality. Not once, that I perceived a piece as being flimsy, and cheaply made, quite the opposite. As soon as I started opening the packages and started building the desk, I immediately noticed the high quality of their products. It’s diffidently not IKEA!

Assembly was overall a fairly easy process all together. It was very intimidating at first, given the large number of different parts it required, at least for my configuration. But the instructions were really easy to follow. The assembly was a 1,000 times easier than when I built my Moducase!

Shortly after finishing building the desk, I realized I wasn’t really happy using my original laptop stand, so I quickly jumped on Uplifts Desk’s website and ordered their laptop mount and it’s corresponding Crestview Single Monitor Arm. Fast-forward four days later, I installed the monitor arm and laptop mount, and my setup finally looked the way I wanted it! The only different customization that I’ve added was the addition of LED strip lights on the back of the desk to give it that extra eye-candy look. The desk setup, exceeded my expectations, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been using it daily and I honestly can’t look back. It’s been one of the best decisions I could’ve done, not only has it improved my productivity, it’s definitely helped my posture and physical health (as cliché as it sounds). The entire productivity improvements a sit stand brings to be will have an entire blog post dedicated to it.

Final thoughts:

Cost, at just over $1,600 for the complete setup. I can genuinely say it’s totally worth it. Not only do I feel more productive working on my new desk, I feel that it also improved into my well being by standing through out the day while working.

I’ve mentioned about Uplift Desk’s extremely fast free shipping. I have to mention that during my purchase, FedEx lost one package. I contacted Uplift Desk support, and they were able to ship out the replacement part on the say day. Not only do they have good customer service, but they definitely stand behind their products as the desk comes with a 15 year warranty!

I’m extremely happy with my new desk setup.