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Geralt of Rivia 1/3

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Geralt of Rivia 1/3

I’m subscribed to quite a few statue collection YouTube channels, and one thing they all have in common is they all agree that 1/3 is the best scale for a premium high-end statue. I can now see why people love this scale above others. Geralt of Rivia by Prime 1 Studio is my second 1/3 scale statue, and just like the 1/3 Statue of Guts the Black Swordsman’s, the level of detail that we get with this larger scale really makes statue stand.

Unlike the original Geralt of Rivia and Geralt of Rivia Skillege armor 1/4 statues, where the statue concept was entirely created by Prime 1 Studio. For this statue, the museum type pose comes from a promotional artwork by CD Project Red.
Geralt holding three headless harpies, perfectly showcases Geralt as the great badass monster slayer.

The base of this statue is of a harpy nest, filled with feathers belonging to the dead harpies, some old swords, and dead human skeletons. All of which add to the story concept of the statue display is portray. Given how similar the bases are, this statue pairs beautifully with the Gut’s Black Swordsman’s. I honestly can’t decide which of those two are my favorite statue!

I decided to purchase the Deluxe version of this statue, which comes with three extra heads. All of which are different enough for me that’s its worth the additional $150. The only negative thing about this statue is just how massive and heavy the base is. Massive bases seem to be a common trait among all Prime 1 Studio statues, regardless of the scale, but the base on this statue is absolutely massive. Which in my opinion, they couldn’t easily made it smaller without affecting the overall theme and concept of the statue.