ModuCase display for my Witcher statues

Since I decided to collect the entire Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Prime 1 Studio statue line (with the exception of the Toad Prince), I wanted a nice and elegant solution to display my statues. So I had two choices, either to build a custom display or to purchase some ModuCases. Both of which have their pros and cons.

Custom: No wait, Cheaper in price
ModuCase: Expandable since they’re stackable, Built-in lighting

Custom: Handy work skills required
ModuCase: Price, one year wait (might be shorter now), Difficult to setup

I opted to purchase some ModuCases. Off the bat, the company has absolutely fantastic customer service, they answered all my questions almost immediately and they were very responsive within the entire purchase and received time frame. I can see why within the statue community, their customer service is highly praised. I bought a MAX140 and a MAX140Plus display cubes, in addition a riser and a top board. By the time I submit my initial order and received the products, it was almost exactly one year. I know the delayed was caused by COVID, but definitely waiting a year to receive the display cases left a sour taste in my mouth.

One of my biggest misinterpretations of opting for ModuCase was me thinking that it will require little to no work compared to just building a custom display. Man, was I wrong. While assembling the display, I quickly learned this was not going to be an easy process. Building a Max140 is a very difficult process (at least to me). It took me over 4 hours to build the MAX140! By time I wanted to build the MAX140Plus, I was in such a bad mood given the difficulty I was having building it, even got to a point where I accidentally dropped a rail on my Triss Merigold Prime 1 Studio Statue causing a minor chip (not even noticeable). These combinations of events caused me to simply say “fuck it! I’m tossing this shit out to the trash”. I literally threw away a $400 statue display that I waited for 1 year to receive.  

Thus said, I love the Moducase display that I was able to actually assemble. It is a really elegant way to showcase high-end statues. Though, I’m already dreading the time when it will come to disassemble the display.