Geralt of Rivia Skellige Undvik Armor – Prime 1 Studio

The Geralt of Rivia Skellige Undvik Armor statue is my fourth Prime 1 Studio statue in The Witcher 3 line. This time around, I opted to get the exclusive version since it was different and compelling enough for me to consider alternating with the regular version. This exclusive head sculpt is based on the fantastic “Hearts of Stone” expansion, so to me it was a no brainer. Although, the armor is not necessarily one of my favorite’s, in the statue itself is extremely well detailed. Just like the rest of my Prime 1 Studio Witcher statues, the incredible detail of the sculpt and paint on this statue is absolutely fantastic. People may find it shocking to see a $800 plus price tag on these statues, but looking at them in person, you see these beautiful pieces of art come with a hefty price tag.

Geralt of Rivia Undvik Armor

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Geralt of Rivia Undvik Armor

Unlike my first Geralt Prime1 statue. The base of this particular statue is a lot simpler. From what is looks like, it appears to be some sort of castle ruin with rocks and wooden ruins. As with the Triss Merigold and the original Geralt of Rivia statue, I didn’t originally planned on purchasing this particular statue back when it was originally announced.

I have numerous statues by Sideshow Collectibles and Gaming Heads, and I must say Prime 1 Studio completely blows both out of the water. The detail on this statue (and all of Prime 1 Studio statues) is absolutely incredible.

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