Vote 2020

As I dropped off my mail-in voting ballot earlier today, I was reminded why I stopped posting politics related content on this blog for the last four years; the primary reason being because it wasn’t healthy to my psyche. That is to say these last four years have been an absolute disgrace and a sad reality as to how low and divided we’ve fallen as a society.

Due to a project that I’ve been working these last few years, I’ve done quite of bit of research regarding some of histories fallen empires: Rome, Toltec, Tepaneca, Mexica, Purépecha, Inca, Spanish, Byzantine, and even the Ottoman Empire to some extend. Whether eventually history repeats itself and this becomes the beginning of the end. Theirs absolutely no doubt that these last four years have altered the shift of this country for future generations to come. With the immense wealth of examples of lack of basic logic and common sense, future historians are going to view 2016-2020 U.S. and say “Social discord and mass stupidity started it all”.

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