Book Review – The Magician’s Nephew

Technically Book 1 in chronological order of The Chronicles of Narnia, in The Magician’s Nephew we learn about the creation of Narnia itself and how it was marred by The Witch. Although the plot is different to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, to me this prequel fit in perfectly. The creation story, like much of all of The Chronicles of Narnia, it is very simplistic (which is not a bad thing). It obviously can’t compare to Tolkien’s creation story described in Ainulindalë. Regardless, it’s still a beautiful story.

It’s no secret that C.S. Lewis’s works are heavily Christian based, this book is no exception. So being essentially the Genesis of Narnia, it is a very beautifully Christian themed novel.

It must be because C.S. Lewis’s books are primarily middle grade novels, I tend to found his works to be very comforting to read. I literally read this entire book in one sit-in. Where other books (short or long), I usually have to take a break to let my brain absorb what I’ve just read. Which with C.S. Lewis, is not the case for me.

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