Book Review: The Boy Crusaders

The Boy Crusaders
The Boy Crusaders: A Story of the Days of Louis IX by John G. Edgar is a historical fiction novel that takes place during The Seventh Crusade. The main protagonists of this story are two pious seventeen year old English squires that joined King Louis IX of France’s crusade to the Holyland.

This is a very well written and beautiful story. It is a tale of chivalry and friendship. The setting of this book and the events surrounding the story are for the most part historical accurate. Although there is one glaring significant event that does not lineup with the actual real life timeline, which is the Siege of Baghdad. As this happened years after The Seventh Crusade. This book does take into consideration some of the myths of the crusading era, for example there is an important (albeit similar) event that impacted the main story line, which involves the myth of The Children’s Crusade.

Overall, I want to say that this is a very uplifting story (which it is), but it’s hard not to feel sorrow given the end result of The Seventh Crusade. This book does an excellent job describing the failed military campaign.

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