Book Review – Morgoth’s Ring

Morgoth's Ring

Of all the books in The Complete History of Middle-earth series, Morgoth’s Ring has been so far by favorite book thus far. The primary reason being is that their is an incredible large amount of new texts here that we really haven’t seen in the first 9 books. The texts included in this book were originally written around the same time The Lord of the Rings was being written and post Lord of The Rings publication.

One of the primary themes in J.R.R. Tolkien’s works is death; Men are mortal and Elves are immortal. In The Lord of The Rings and in Akallabêth we mostly get to read and understand death from the perspective from of Men, however in this book we get to read about the meaning of death from the perspective of the Elves. Aside from the death of Elves, we also get to read about their customs raging from when they were elven children, growth, dating, and marriage. This book deals a lot with the origin of Tolkien’s creations. As with Elves and Men, we also get to read more about the origin of ocs or “orks” as it was later implied by Tolkien.

In the following interview, Christopher Tolkien perfectly depicts the difficult task of his father’s attempt of trying to explain the metaphysical aspect of his creation.

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