Triss Merigold Prime 1 Studio Statue

After just three months of it’s initial release, I finally got my third Witcher 3 statue from Prime 1 Studio. Unlike the Geralt and Eredin statues, the Triss Merigold statue is very simplistic (though not in a bad way). The Eredin statue took me well over 30 minutes to put it together, and even the Geralt statue took me a few minutes to set it up initially. However, setting up this new Triss Merigold statue was extremely simple (took no more than 5 mins to put together). The box included instructions, but quite frankly they’re not even needed. The statue consists of the base, main body torso, pair of arms, head and the flaming magic spell.

The first thing I noticed when I received the packaging, was how relatively small the box was compared to Geralt’s and Eredin’s.

Triss Merigold Prime 1 Studio Box

I’m an avid watcher of various statue collecting YouTube channels, and I’m well aware of the good reputation Prime 1 Studio has, but seeing their statues first hand is were I truly get to appreciate and admire the incredible good work Prime 1 Studio does. In my opinion they’re hands down the best current statue company.  The head sculpt of Triss is beautiful. Her entire physique is gorgeous, the dead Foglet on the base is incredibly detailed.

When I first submitted my pre-order, I didn’t realized the exclusive edition was still available (which the price for both the collectors edition and exclusive is the same!). However I didn’t even bother cancelling my order because in my opinion the exclusive edition additional magic spell was not going to be my preferred display option. In addition when I originally submitted my pre-order, I got a $100 discount from Sideshow Collectibles on the order, on top of my rewards points. So the total cost of the statue was just $715 including tax and shipping.

Overall I’m really happy how the statue ended up looking. The next statue I’ll be receiving, hopefully in a month from now will be Ciri of Cintra.

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