Angry final season Game of Thrones fans can Fuck Off

We’re on the eve of the grand finally of HBO’s Game of Thrones TV show, and unless you’ve been living under a rock these last two months, it is has been all over the place. Making the TV show and in my opinion more importantly, the entire universe of A Song of Ice and Fire, be a part of our current popular culture. Having read the first three novels of this awesome fantasy universe, and mostly likely read the remaining two published novels by this summer. I’ve never watched a single episode, nor am I planning on watching them, as it simply does not interests me. I love the novels, however I could care less for its live action adaption.

So learning there was a vast amount of the TV show audience that are not fond of the final season was both amusing and enraging at the same time. What made my blood boil was learning that there was an actual online petition to completely redo the final season. Seriously, over a million people have taken the time out of their miserable lives to fill out an online application to redo the final season simply because the’y’re not happy with the episodes is absolutely pathetic!

Humanity never ceases to amaze me. I ask, do these morons know that the actual tale of A Song of Ice and Fire is not yet completed? If so, do these idiots know what “fan fiction” is? The final season is mere fan fiction and NOT canon. I suspect the overwhelmly majority of the idiots complaining of the final season do not understand this concept. Instead of complaining like petulant children, these one million idiots that signed the online petition should instead write their own “fan fiction” extension or version of the story like the rest of the fandom literary world has been doing for decades.


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