Book Review – Skyrim Art Book

I purchased this art book as part of a bundle that also included an Alduin statue, both of which were originally part of the Skyrim collectors edition. This is an art book in every sense of the word. It’s not a strategy guide, nor it isn’t a comprehensive introduction to the world of Skyrim. Instead this book is a beautiful visual to what we expect to see or encounter in the game. It doesn’t go into much detail of Skyrim’s main story quest, but rather illustrates the world that we’re going to playing in. Illustrations include the cities, landscapes, creatures, the different races and their respective clothing and armor.

This art book does not include walls of text, it does however include brief descriptions about the illustrations without going into full details behind the lore of The Elder Scrolls. Lastly, you’ll read about why certain characteristics of such characters where chosen, as well some basic background on why that choice was made.

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