Geralt of Rivia Prime 1 Statue

When The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Prime 1 statues were first announced, I told myself I was “only” going to buy the Eredin statue; so I immediately pre-ordered it. Main reason being that Eredin would  look awesome next to my Sauron statue, and like Sauron himself, both being the chief antagonists of two book and book series that I love.

Unfortunately for me, the Geralt of Rivia statue was going to be the first statue in The Witcher lineup that was going to be made and shipped out to customers. Little that I knew that Prime 1 has the bad reputation of delaying the manufactured and shipment of their statues. Yet, the small, but prevalent impatient side of me couldn’t wait for another 6 months for my Eredin statue to arrive. This being almost a 9 month delay in total! So I decided to purchase the Geralt of Rivia statue while Eredin arrives.

My Nexus 6’s camera in a low-light setting doesn’t fully portray how incredibly beautiful my statue is. This new statue is beautiful!

Hopefully, my Eredin statue finally arrives sometime in July, however I must say that now thanks to this new Geralt statue, I’ve gone ahead and pre-order the Ciri of Cintra exclusive statue. Which is scheduled to arrive sometime in July-September 2019. So knowing how Prime 1 works, it will be very likely that I’ll be receiving the Ciri of Cintra statue sometime in early or mid 2020. Now, I have a feeling that a year from now I might be seeing myself purchasing both Yennefer of Vengerberg and Triss Merigold statues to complete the entire collection, and because I was impatient to wait for the Ciri statue to arrive. Hopefully I’m mistaken given how incredibly expensive the statues are and also by the fact that I don’t know where the hell I’ll be displaying the Yennefer and Triss statues since I’m limited in space!

Man, have my original plans changed…

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