The Lord of the Rings himself

In light of my 31st birthday, as I normally do; I opted to grant myself a birthday present. This time around, I bought myself an awesome Sauron statue. Holyshit this thing amazing! The statue itself was release over three years ago, and with only 1,200 units made; the statue can no longer be purchased from the original vendor. So I had to resort to eBay to buy it. At just under $1,100 and practically brand new; I didn’t had to pay a ridiculous amount of extra money from its original retail price.

The statue itself is absolutely gorgeous. It’s over 3ft tall with a significant weight to it. I constantly found myself relaxing, sitting on my futon and just staring at the statue for minutes end. Truly appreciating its beauty. I’m extremely happy to own the 386 unit of the 1,200 units made, of these amazing work of art.

To give you a visual look on how beautiful the statue is, the following video shows another ecstatic owner giving an overview of the statue.

I love this premium format statue so much that it motivated me to pre-order the Eredin statue so I can display them both side-by-side.

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