The alternative media can’t be trusted

Even the so called “alternative media” can’t be trusted. Info Wars and The Young Turks are arguably the two of the major alternative media organizations that I get my news from. I know, I know they both tend tell a lot of complete utter bullshit, but I digress. This week, their was an incident between these two camps during the Republican National Convention that literally made my blood boil.

Alex Jones made Cenk Uygur snap on air. Normally I would’ve careless of what happens between these two, but the way Alex Jones went about it made me absolutely furious. Alex Jones made a completely false claim, asserting that The Young Turks are “pro Saudi Arabia”, and like the typical petulant schoolboy troll that he is, he then stated that Ana Kasparian is a “jihadist”. Ironically, from this I see Alex Jones’ actions embody the exact same behavior I see from idiot liberals. A typical idiot liberal would call someone they don’t agree with, names like “racist” or “nazi”, and on this case the idiot Alex Jones is calling out names “pro Saudi Arabia” and “jihadist” to The Young Turks simply because they don’t agree with him on other subjects.

Alex Jone’s behavior is of no surprise. The lunatic is a complete attention whore, and would do absolutely anything to get himself be seen or heard on any media platforms. For example, he quickly jumped on the Donald Trump bandwagon, and even compared him to George Washington. The same Donald Trump that wants to ship back 12+ million illegal immigrants and wants to amend the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, which the thought of this should make any real Libertarian terrified. Alex Jones entire career is based on conspiracy theories, and now all of a sudden he is trusting what could be a future government to touch our constitution and essentially violate our individual liberties. While it seems it wasn’t to long ago that he was against such government actions, yet now it’s a complete different story. This is a clear evidence of how much of a fraud Alex Jones really is.


Liberal or Conservative, neither alternative media can be trusted.

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