Donald Trump wants to “shutdown the internet”

Donald Trump goes full retarded, yet again. All of my adult life I’ve been amazed of the stupidity of liberals, but now Donald Trump is making realize how fucking stupid the conservative base is as well. The fact that this man has taken a piss on all Latin Americans, women, Muslims, and yet continues to be the most popular GOP candidate, is absolutely mind-boggling. On the last GOP debate, he suggested an absolutely terrifying plan on censoring the internet to combat ISIS, almost as if he hasn’t heard or doesn’t have a clue of the National Security Agency and their role in Cyber Warfare.

What angers me more about the Republican base, is that these Trump supporters only seem to love him because he acts like a tough politically incorrect personality that insistent part of the establishment. So I ask my self, were these fucking idiot Trump supporters alive during the 2008 and 2012 elections when Ron Paul ran for President? Oddly enough Rand Paul shredded Donald Trump to pieces on his ridiculous plan, however given Rand Paul’s popularity and Trump’s poll numbers, it doesn’t look like the conservative base even cared.

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